Top Manufacturer in China

SURAPID ELEVATOR CO., LTD. is a XIZI Group company targeting high-quality elevators and escalators. XIZI Group is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the #1 integrated elevator group in China (by annual revenue), the largest elevator & escalator components supplier in China.

Traction machines, control systems, door machines, safety parts all produced by ourselves, thereby ensuring the quality and stability of our elevators and escalators.

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SJ-Victor Standard

SURAPID Passenger Elevator

SURAPID SJ-Victor Series Passenger Elevator with excellent reliability and superior comfort experience, which is a good choice for residential apartment, office building, and hotels etc.

Loading Capacity: 450~1600kgs
Traction Machine: PM Gearless Traction Machine
Door Operator: PM variable frequency door operator
Controlling Cabinet: dual-32-bit integrated microcomputer controlling system


SURAPID Escalator

SURAPID escalator is of smooth running, comfort experience, and beautiful features. It is a good choice for hospitals, high-end office building, residential apartment, hotels, CBD, shopping mall, and public facilities etc.

Inclined Angle: 30°/35°
Width of Steps: 1000mm/800mm/600mm
Rated Speed: 0.5m/s
Handrail Type: Slim Type
Working Condition: Indoor/Outdoor