Surapid Escalator

SURAPID escalator is of smooth running, comfort experience, and beautiful features. It is a good choice for hospitals, high-end office building, residential apartment, hotels, CBD, shopping mall, and public facilities etc.

Inclined Angle: 30°/35°
Width of Steps: 1000mm/800mm/600mm
Rated Speed: 0.5m/s
Handrail Type: Slim Type
Working Condition: Indoor/Outdoor
Controlling Mode: standard single speed/standard automatic start/variable frequency low speed/variable frequency automatic start

Aesthetic pursuit is a human instinct. An escalator with attractive appearance, good taste, new and inviting style can enhance some unique landscape to the place of application. In the design of profile of SURAPID escalator, the latest science and technology are combined perfectly with aesthetics and ergonomics. The commercial escalator is designed and manufactured with more functions, more stable performance and more beautiful appearance. Its good taste appearance and outstanding quality can bring you a brand new visual experience.